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There will always be a need for people who care, who help, who heal. As new tragedies shake us and new problems challenge us, we do more than fight fires. Volunteer firefighters are trained and equipped professionally to fight for and protect their communities with pride. From the birth of a nation to modern days, the volunteer fire service of the State of New York has been at its best when times are at their worst. When you join the volunteer firefighting family, you honor a great tradition of stepping up whenever and wherever help is needed while also improving yourself.

While we don't pay our firefighters, we do offer a number of great benefits. We currently require all new members to join as Interior Firefighters, but firefighters can train for and take on additional roles as EMTs, Fire Apparatus Drivers, Pump Operators, and Fire Police. Recruit NY has some general information of what to expect as a volunteer, but the best way to get involved is to stop by the station at drill night and introduce yourself, or send an email to with any questions.

We Teach When you join the volunteer fire service, you learn to use the most advanced technology and tools available to protect and serve your community.

We Train
Ordinary men and women are trained todo extraordinary things when they join the volunteer fire service. We provide free training.

We Serve Together
Teamwork is at the center of all this training and equipment. The brother- and sisterhood of the volunteer fire service share the same basic training, rewarding experience and lifechanging growth that you can only find in the fire service.

Stop by our station on drill nights and talk with an officer or Chief about joining!


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