About MVFD

A public meeting was held by the Hetko brothers on April 9th, 1941 at the Saint Basil’s Hall. A Volunteer Fire Department in Maplewood was established, and the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on June 13th, 1941.

The Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department’s telephone and controls for blowing the siren were located at the Fire Chief’s house, Joseph Hetko, 22 Lansing Avenue, until the summer of 1953. Fire calls were received at the Fire Chief’s house, where the siren was activated in a coded sequence to inform firemen of the exact location of the fire.  As a backup system, a Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department telephone was installed at Jake Spiak’s restaurant to receive fire calls and blow the siren.  If needed, fire calls were also received at Archie Jupin’s Gas Station, Henry Oligney’s Gas Station and Valentine and Talay’s Garage. Since we had no firehouse when the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department was established, our fire truck and fire equipment were located at Mr. and Mrs. John Senick’s garage, 3 Elm Street, until 1948. Our first truck, delivered to us on July 1st, 1942, was a 1929 five hundred gallon Mack Pump Truck with a 160 gallon booster tank and 217 feet of ladders which included a 50 foot extension ladder and a 35 foot extension ladder.  

As of August 1st, 1942, the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department received an excellent BB or 5 fire insurance rating classification.  Today, the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department has the same fire insurance rating classification resulting in very low insurance premiums on the buildings and contents there in located in our Fire Protection District.

The attendees that were at that meeting to organize a fire district went on to become the first firefighters and members of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department. The following 42 member will forever be known as the 42 Charter Active Members of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department. We will forever be thankful for these “Founding Fathers” for all of the work they have put in over their many years of service to this department and the community.

Carl Babeyko, Bohdan Banit, William Barnow, Andrew Behuniak, Michael Behuniak, Peter Chuckta, Metro Fedorchak, Andrew Hetko, Joseph Hetko, John Hetko, Alex Hetko, Metro Hetko, Archie Jupin, Steve Kirik, Nicholas Kowansky, John Kowansky, John Kozersky, Andrew Kramarchyk, Andrew Ksenich, William Machnick, John Machnick, Nicholas Marzinisky, John Nestuk, Henry J. Oligney, John Opalka, Steve Powanda, John Probeck, Steve Rentz, Andrew Ridzik, Archie Robideau, John Schenski, John Senick, Charles Smith, William Sokol, Michael Spiak, Peter Spinda, Vladimir Stah, Harry Stemisky, Joseph Szabiet, Charles Tarbay, Fred Volk, and Samuel Washinko.

In addition to our Charter Active Members, we recognize our Charter Honorary Members, who supported MVFD through substantial in-kind and financial contributions to the department. We thank them for their outside contributions to the development and growth of the Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department.

Joseph Assini, Andrew Bania, Rev. Joseph S. Banit, Michael Baran, Joseph Carey, Anthony P. Cioffi, Allin Depew, John Dzubinsk, Joseph W. Felock, Stephen P. Harris, Michael Hoblock Sr., Edward Keene, Al Krill, John Krynicky, George Marsolais, Walter McBain, Paul Opar, John E. Ouimet, Walter M. Ruhtz, Elmer C. Schacht, William Sharpe, Carl A. Smith, Milo H. Spence, Paul Spiak, Herman L. Symansky, Lewis L. Unser, and Frank Wallace.

The Maplewood Volunteer Fire Department was incorporated on June 13th, 1941, and became a member of the National Fire Protection Association in June 1957.